My name is Stephanie Taylor and I am 20 years of age and a University of Chester student studying a combined honours degree of Digital Photography and Radio Production. 
I am a wheelchair user but this does not stop me or hold me back, I am able to cater for most situations.
I am a first year student but have received all First's in my photography work so far.
I live in Crewe, Cheshire so am able to travel around Cheshire and some areas of Staffordshire or Manchester for Photoshoots.
I am currently offering any free photoshoots to anyone who would like one done, whether that would be portrait, family photo or photo's of your children or pets. depending on distance I may require money to cover cost of travel but that would be let known before any plans are arranged.
 I have photographed; people, scenery, animals, abandoned buildings, inside of hotels, a wedding, jewellery, food, fashion and families. I am willing to try anything if I am given a challenge though.
If you would like to book me for a photoshoot then all I ask is that the venue/location/destination is wheelchair accessible.
If you would like the images printed then I would need you to cover the cost of printing.
If you have a USB or Memory card then I can put the photo album onto there, otherwise I will put the photos onto a DVD disc for you.
I can also photoshop any images you would like me too.
If you would like any more information or would like to book my services then please navigate to the contact me page.

Thank you
Hope to see you soon
Stephanie Taylor 
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